Auto Insurance

At New Era Insurance Inc., we provide you with customized quotes to suit your auto insurance needs. Our policies protect you from financial obligations if your car gets into an accident. They can help you to comply with auto insurance regulations. The states demand that all drivers have minimum liability insurance before they can drive on public roads. Our team of attentive, professional, and experienced insurance agents will work with you to find the most appropriate quote for you depending on the needs of your car, its value, and its exposure to risks. The following are some of our auto insurance coverage options.

Collision Coverage

We provide our clients with quotes for collision coverage. The coverage option compensates you for the cost of repairing or replacing your vehicle after a collision accident. Collision accidents may happen when your car hits another car, signs, trees, walls, or other objects. The coverage also compensates you if your vehicle is involved in a single-car accident where it rolls over. This coverage does not pay you for other costs such as liability claims or medical fees.

Liability Coverage

Our liability coverage option compensates you in case of liability claims from a car accident. It covers damage to other people’s vehicles or property and their medical costs. This coverage option helps you to pay for legal fees associated with the accident. It, however, does not cover your hospital bills or damage to your car. We encourage our clients to buy liability insurance that is above the state minimum requirement to get better protection.

Comprehensive Coverage

Our comprehensive coverage option covers you for risks that may not be insured. These risks include fires, damage from falling objects, and theft. It compensates you for the cost of replacing or repairing your accident. Our comprehensive coverage option provides you with broader coverage than other options.

Contact New Era Insurance Agency Inc. today to discuss a quote for your auto insurance. You may also use our online rating tool to find a quote.